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Seven workshops accompany the marathon – focusing on practical knowledge and useful artistic strategies in politics: from non- violent struggle, permaculture, public intervention, creative house-squats, dumpster cooking and activist photography to communal choirs.

Since the number of participants for each workshop is limited, it is necessary to register – first come, first serve:

For remaining places, please check a couple of minutes before the workshop starts at the workshop space.

No revolution without innovation

Workshop by Srđa Popović / CANVAS (SRB), Anna Jermolaewa (A/RUS), Nenad Duda Petrović (SRB)
Sat 22/09, 11.00 – 17.00, Workshop space

“No revolution without innovation” is a workshop about the methods of nonviolent struggle and the role of art within them. In theory and practice participants will be introduced to the concept of people power and the role of creativity, art, design and music in contemporary nonviolent conflicts. Practical exercises include creating innovative direct nonviolent actions: What is the logic behind the choice of certain tactics and the tactical framework for building own activities? What is the concept of dilemma action? The workshop will also focus on the importance of visual identity, creativity and use of symbols and colours, the importance of building group identity inside the movement, branding of nonviolent political and social movements. The idea is to produce a “revolutionary toolkit” draft for nonviolent activists as a part of the practical exercise.

From Cairo to Graz: The Choir Project

An open workshop for the citizens of Graz & the participants of “Truth is concrete”
by Salam Yousry (ET)
Sun 23/09 – Tue 25/09, 19.00 – 22.00,
Wed 26/09, 17.00 – 19.00, Workshop space, 19.00 Concert, Black Cube

The Choir Project invites people from all walks of life to put their hopes and concerns, their feelings and thoughts, their jokes and woes into song. A week-long workshop of communal improvisation, lyric-writing and composition culminates in a short performance – with often surprising results.
“The Choir Project“ explores different themes of relevance to the community. The results can never be the same; they will always be new and unpredictable, depending on the theme, the people involved and what happens in the moment – the unique experience unfolding in the rehearsal room. The only constant is the drive towards self-expression and community collaboration and the spirit of equal and active participation.The Choir Project is open to everyone. It started in Cairo, then offered workshops in Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, London, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul and now Graz.

Resistant matters
Art, activism and permaculture

Workshop by The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (F/GB)
Sun 23/09, 11.00 – 17.00, Workshop space

“Resistant matters“ introduces strategies for using the design science of permaculture within the context of art activist practices. It explores the edges between art and activism and develops tools that enable artists to work within social movements, applying their creativity to creating new forms of civil disobedience and post capitalist living.
Permaculture is an ecological design system whose central tenet is that by observing the way eco-systems such as a forest or meadow work, one can learn to build human systems that are energy efficient, resilient, waste free and productive. The day long workshop is ideal for both artists and activists interested in working on the edge of poetic and pragmatic practices.

Hacking doors & media for fighting housing problems

Workshop by Jeudi Noir (F)
Mon 24/09, 11.00 – 17.00, Workshop space

Young people who suffer the most from today‘s crisis (considering their poor social status, their difficulties finding a flat, the shortage in the job market) have consequently been unable to react to what has happened in the last 5 years: growing rates of unemployment and of homeless people. To fight this general flaw of our economic and social system, Jeudi Noir has chosen the means of humour: using gloves, masks, false hair, mottos and the frenzy of social networks, they have developed skills to create flashmobs on-the-go.
Take part in a lesson on artivism: legal status of squats, occupation and other funny ways of living with the law; compare France, Austria and other European countries’ legal rights and laws and … maybe … become part of a new European Jeudi Noir force

The art of dumpster diving

Workshop by VolXküche feat. die Pastinaken / Thomas N. Schnölzer (A)
Mon 24/09 – Tuesday 25/09

Mon 19.30 – 23.00: Dumpster tour (meeting point: Continuity room)
Tue 16.00 – 20.00: Participatory cooking
Tue 20.00: Open dinner, White Box

About a quarter of the daily production of bakery products finishes in the waste container and up to 45kg of food is thrown away by the average supermarket per day in Austria. Dumpster diving is a culinary anti-consumerist protest against today‘s throw-away society.
On Monday the workshop takes a close look into the trash bins of supermarkets in Graz and collects the ingredients for the upcoming day. On Tuesday afternoon, the participants install a volXküche at the camp and prepare a delicious vegan dinner out of the collected food to be enjoyed in pleasant company at the end of the day – open for everybody as long as stocks last. Rubber gloves, headlamps and bikes will be provided.

Strategies of public intervention

Workshop by Minerva Cuevas (MEX)
Wed 26/09, 11.00 – 17.00, Workshop space

Minerva Cuevas has been conducting a long-term project of registering the signs of dissidence in her hometown Mexico City, where the presence of the rural sphere is of great importance, not only as a sign of the origins of the population, but also because its existence constitutes a way of resistance of the rural over the urban sphere.
“Strategies of Public Intervention” analyses context based interventions and the difference between global and local strategies, linked to social projects either developed as collective actions or solo interventions.Tracing a video cartography that makes visible diverse ideological manifestations, housing struggles and student and workers movements; but less evidently, political acts like the ones linked to economic alternatives and cultural events that coexist in the city.

How to end evil

Workshop by Oriana Eliçabe and Leónidas Martín / Enmedio (ES)
Thu 27/09, 11.00 – 17.00, Workshop space

Capitalism is a frequency that can be interrupted with images and actions in the least expected places: ”How to end evil” follows two distinct strategies: using photography as a tool for direct action and the implementation of performance actions in places of power. Actions in which these bodies become a mode of intervention - for example the pasting of photographic portraits of people who have been evicted, or are on the point of being so, in the windows of the banks responsible for these evictions; or organising surprise parties against the austerity and suffering caused by financial powers.
How do these strategies work? What elements do they consist of? How do they achieve their objectives? We will try to resolve these and other questions in this workshop, open to all those who would like to combat with creativity, humour and mischief, the politics of the capitalist crisis.


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015