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Friday, 28 September 2012

White Box
open marathon

Queer the concrete

by Sam Congdon and Leon Hilton

A discussion / performative confab on strategies and of queer world-making and resistance that will aim to take down hetero / homo-patriarchy from within.
Black Cube

Strike: Opera

Lecture performance by Ulf Aminde (D), Ellen Blumenstein / Haben und Brauchen (D), Grazer Universitätsorchester (A), Judith Raum (D), Anders Smebye (N)

There is no separation between the so called artistic work and the politics that negotiates its conditions. Should one ever return to wanting to say, that one was in the happy position of working because of love – then there is a long way ahead. Until then, one won’t just stop, but will continue to play any way and anywhere one wants to. That is the longer lever: to work on the forms that surround us, on the forms of the space between you and me.
White Box
open marathon

Presentation and open discussion

by the Precarious Workers Brigade

Presentation of collective, an open discussion on precarity and an exchange of skills.
Living room

Protest covered

Concert by Herr Bogensberger (D/A)

From Bob Dylan to Phil Ochs, from traditional tunes to own songs: Herr Bogensberger drives, comprises and exaggerates songs that he has translated or written and goes straight to the roots of storytelling, that derives directly from the heritage of protest songs. Herr Bogensberger is the only Styrian artist so far who has had charges pressed against him for “vilification of the state” – the proceedings were abandoned.
Black Cube

Crackle of time
Christoph Schlingensief and his opera village in Burkina Faso

Film screening & introduction
With Sibylle Dahrendorf (D), Carl Hegemann (D), Claus Philipp (A)

More than two years have passed since the German film and theatre maker and creator of images, Christoph Schlingensief died – while still largely unknown outside German speaking countries his work has long become part of the collective memory. From the legendary container-action “Ausländer raus!” exposing Austrian politics in a complex game of deception of media facts and fictions, to his Bayreuth interpretation of “Parsifal”, Christoph Schlingensief still is insistently present and often mistaken as an “agent provocateur”.

Sibylle Dahrendorf’s film portrait "Crackle of Time" shows the dying artist setting out for Burkina Faso – with all his hopes, despairs and visions of setting up his own opera village, almost in a no man’s land. But do these scenes show a political artist? Or was he rather using the “third world” as a film location for a monumental home movie, including an unhappy end?
White Box

Protest covered

Partisan choir by Hor 29 Novembar (A)

Hor 29 Novembar - the name referring to the founding date of Yugoslavia where most members come from – is an open collective, not caring much about singing talents. In several languages they enjoy singing revolution, workers and partisan songs and support various actions, interventions, demonstrations and initiatives: on the street, in subways, in bars, galleries, town halls and theatres.
Workshop room
open marathon

Crackle of time - discussion

with Sibylle Dahrendorf (D), Carl Hegemann (D), Claus Philipp (A)

Talk after the Austrian premier of "Crackle of Time - Christoph Schlingensief and his opera village in Burkina Faso".
Lailas Bar
open marathon

Debt Jubilee Rave Ritual

Participatory Dance Ritual and DJ set by The Pre©ariat

An hour-long jubilee rave where The Pre©ariat will facilitate a collective release from debt bondage through a choreographed ritual and related media freakout.

Technoshamans, anarcho-preppers, transexters, hyperlink hoarders, queertempo-(un)realists, a-cultists unite! "The blessing of the year of jubilee releases the obligation of punishments. After sinners have been purged, the cause against them ends. All the guilty go free by the mercy of God's kingdom, as set forth in the law of Levi."
White Box

Instant pocket soap opera

An engine of happiness in the darkest hour!
Popcultural fashion performance by BOEM* (A)

A recuperation in 7 steps. The new world border is out there. The opera is our tool of analysis, appropriation, action and agitation. We want to see the slave new world with your eyes, because you are our heroes and heroines! Your every day struggle in the leftovers of what used to be named public space – speaks without words. Your truth is our truth!

Black Cube


Fun-Da-Mental (GB)

Fun-Da-Mental have been cutting the edge not just politically, but also creatively over decades: challenging uncomfortable political issues head on and without compromise, but with a humble approach to bridge human ignorance. Their live show presents a sincere acknowledgement of the anarchic and punk attitude of musicians who refuse to recognise any form of manipulation from the music industry and break all or any form of control. They stood up to the British political establishment, who asked for their arrest after their last album “All Is War“ was released. Decades of frontline pro-activity make Fun-Da-Mental one of the most original and powerful bands on the alternative scene.

Black Cube


DJ set by Dave Watts (GB) et al.

A wide range of music reflects the world one is in – DJing is not only there to entertain, but also to educate and inform. The audience always has the chance to hear a new voice, a new form, a massive lick shot, while at the same time is able to talk, listen and jump up with old and new friends. Traditional Choubi music of Iraq meets bass-laden electronica and experimental music collides with hip hop or ragas of the Indian sub-continent with radio broadcasts from Algeria.
Living room

Protest covered

Concert by Moddi (N)

At the beginning of his career Moddi refused a 100,000 Euro grant from the Norwegian Oil Company Statoil. While Statoil keeps taking their business into Canadian tar sands, African dictatorships and the Norwegian Lofoten sea, at the same time they are trying to clean themselves, with massive advertising campaigns and by sponsoring sports and culture. Moddi´s awareness shows the importance to know where money comes from and how artists do have the choice just not to support the system.
Meeting Point: Laila’s Bar

Daybreak into the city VII: Russian twilight

Excursions by Theater im Bahnhof (A)
With Herwig G. Höller (A)

Just before the crack of dawn, Theater im Bahnhof invites us to excursions in the urban space. These daily get-togethers for breakfast and a walk in the city of Graz make room for encounters off the beaten track of the busy times during daytime. Every destination has its own main focus and no two excursions are alike.

This morning: Herwig Höller and Ed. Hauswirth invite those who didn’t sleep and those who just got up early to a Russian breakfast: to talk about Russia, its artists and the whole camp.
White Box

Renunciation & revolution

Yoga for the masses by Sri Louise (USA)

To start the day, Sri Louise invites us to Yoga for the masses: these open level sessions are geared to awaken one‘s political body by exploring what the renunciation of capitalism means for the global “revolution“.
Black Cube

Who can still change course?

Documentary film programme for children and young people
“Pandore“ (Virgil Vernier)
“Rentner und Studenten“ (Lucian Busse)

“Pandore“ (Virgil Vernier)
“Rentner und Studenten“ (Lucian Busse)

Unlike any other film genre, documentary has always been between two sides. On one hand, documentary film is about taking an unobtrusive look at reality, not intervening with it. On the other hand, it was expected to not only describe but to save the world. If one leaves aside the attributions “true or false representation of the world”, another perspective comes into focus: documentary praxis itself is an act of reality. The film programme presents documentaries dealing with social and political action within the living environment of children and young people.

In cooperation with doxs! / Duisburger Filmwoche
Black Cube

Leaving the ghetto of art

Michelangelo Pistoletto (I) in conversation with Charles Esche (NL/GB)

Artists have to leave the ghetto of art: through his cittadellarte project, Michelangelo Pistoletto brings the arts into a productive integration, even synthesis with academic disciplines and business. For him “Art must go beyond the limitation of the object, of the so-called artistic product (while considering it to be of fundamental importance), in order to be active in every situation and place of planetary life. Art is responsible for taking on the role of a fundamental proposition of thought, namely being the spiritual foundation that informs common existence according to a global concept of being. Above all, artists must be present in all possible activities. The artist must be the sponsor of thought in whatever endeavour people take on, at every level, from that of the “masses” to that of “command”.”
White Box
open marathon

How to lie to tell the truth

discussion with Leah Borromeo

Leah Borromeo discusses art, journalism, filmmaking, tanks, semi-nudity and human rights.
White Box
open marathon

Works of Art Academy Students of the International Academy of Art Palestine

screening by International Academy of Art Palestine

Black Cube

Collective mapping

Tactic talk by Iconoclasistas (AR)

Iconoclasistas long to break anesthesised communication and aestheticisation of politics through processes and images of critical and ethical thought. After collective based research and long term interactive work with local people on issues they are part of, Iconoclasistas have produced diagrams, multi-planes, timelines, landscapes comprising territorial reflections and disruptive discourses, showing relations and responsibilities of hegemonic power.
Black Cube

Cracking the system

Tactic talk by Jisun Kim (ROK)

Even a solid and firm system is full of cracks. If systems such as national borders, capitalism and media, that look to be strong enough, should collide, a void space is created within this collision and a strange crack that is not illegal, though not lawful, is generated. Jisun Kim’s activity is to bring this crack to light by analysing these systems; becoming herself positioned therein.
Black Cube

Inflatables for action

Tactic talk by eclectic electric collective (D)

The May 1st demonstrations in Berlin has long been a testing-ground for police tactics of crowd control and restrictions on protest. The inflatables are an intervention against this growing repression of protest and dissent, in ways that are both concrete as well as symbolic. The experiences of the inflatables on May 1 proved their many uses in situations of protest, which can be summarised by the term “tactical frivolity”. Inflatables bring celebration and play to a demonstration while at the same time having strategic functions in situations of conflict.
White Box
open marathon

Backwards shopping

by Marianne Möbius

Black Cube

Photography, performance and guerrilla tactics of communication against financial abuses

Tactics talk by Leónidas Martín / Enmedio (ES)

How can photography, performance and other artistic practices be helpful to fight foreclosures and other bank abuses? Enmedio uses the power of image and fiction to confront the financial crisis and explores the relationship between art and activism. Creativity and fiction are strong tools for social transformation: we can resist and have a really good time. For Enmedio direct action is one of the fine arts.
Black Cube

NSK State in Time

Tactic talk by Irwin (SLO)

NSK State in Time was founded in 1992 as a transformation of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective, which was formed in 1984 by Irwin, Laibach and the Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre. NSK State in Time was a response to the radical political changes in Eastern Europe at the start of the 1990s. Apart from organising projects such as temporary embassies and consulates, NSK State in Time began issuing passports in 1993. There are currently about 14,000 NSK passport holders around the world. After the First NSK Citizens Congress, which took place in Berlin in 2010, NSK State in Time started to live its own life, independently of its creators.
Black Cube

Random acts: Brandalism

Short film by Leah Borromeo (GB)

Commissioned by the British Channel 4 “Random acts” are shot in collaboration with their subjects as they play in that space and truth between journalism and art. The final screening at “Truth is concrete” shows that for Brandalism it just takes two men and one van to subvert and paste over 35 billboards with work from 28 artists from 8 different countries in 5 cities over 5 days.
Black Cube

Final Assembly

Every day the camp comes together to reflect, discuss whatever is leftover, whatever is boiling, whatever has to be said. The Final Assembly gives the opportunity to look back but even more to see: Where do we go from here? Starting with a series of inputs, questions, proposals by camp participants the Final Assembly will not sum up, make everything fit, but hopefully locate in the masses of accumulated material starting points for continuation. How can the accumulated tool box of artistic tactics be used for long term strategies in politics?

Open marathon

The Open marathon is based on self-organisation and is entirely proposed by the participants of “Truth is concrete”. [email protected] or at the guest office in the camp.


Projects on show throughout the whole camp week.


7 workshops accompany the marathon - focusing on practical knowledge and useful artistic stretegies in politics.