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Friday, 21 September 2012

Black Cube

Some kind of beginning

An opening proposal by Tim Etchells / Forced Entertainment (GB)
Performed by Jerry Killick (GB)

 Questions, hellos, dedications, fragments, answers and yet more questions. In characteristic seriously unserious and unseriously serious style „Some kind of beginning“ is a tentative and extremely partial introduction to things otherwise not spoken about or yet unspoken. A proposal of a structure of brief exchange, call and response to kick off the Marathon.
Black Cube

Truth is concrete

Introduction and welcome
By Florian Malzacher (A/D)

“Truth is concrete” was written in big letters over Bertolt Brecht’s working desk in exile – quoting Lenin quoting Hegel quoting Augustine. “Truth is concrete” takes the possibility of concrete truth as a working hypothesis and looks for direct action, for concrete change and knowledge. Large or small scale, loud and aggressive, or intimate and careful. Obscure or obvious. An art that engages in specific political and social situations – and an activism that not only acts for the sake of acting but searches for intelligent, creative means of self-empowerment: artistic strategies and tactics in politics, political strategies and tactics in art.
Black Cube

Are you talking to me?

Interventionist art in the age of enterprise culture
Lecture by Gregory Sholette (USA)

Many key assumptions held by an earlier generation of artists and activists about oppositional culture are being challenged today: a new wave of practitioners is less concerned with demystifying ideology than with disrupting it or establishing alternative models apart from the mainstream altogether. At the same time, the overall spirit of this new social-interventionist culture reveals a similarity to the anarcho-entrepreneurial spirit of the neo-liberal economy, including a highly plastic sense of collective identity and a romantic distrust of comprehensive administrative structures. Adorno once cautioned that culture was becoming increasingly similar to the realm of administration. Today business managers throw off traditional forms of organisation to extol non-linear thinking and flexible working habits not unlike artists and other creative labourers.
Black Cube

Austrian politics – a crash course for foreigners

Video Lecture by Herwig G. Höller (A)

Austrian politicians once famous in other countries are now dead – Kurt Waldheim or right-wing governor Jörg Haider for example. So what’s up now? A boring coalition of a social democrat nicknamed “Failman” and a lacklustre conservative party. The next election is scheduled for 2013. Haider’s successors long for power, the Green Party’s hopes are high, too: but are they entertaining enough?
Black Cube

Graz in times of revolution

Lecture by Leo Kühberger (A)

1918 was the year of big revolutions. Even in Graz, the “stored material for an explanation” was considered to “easily lead to something”. Fifty years later, 1968 left its marks in the city of Graz. And today, the revolutionary changes ahead of us will overshadow everything: “we are living in a period of transition from the world system, the capitalist global economy, to another system or other systems”, wrote Immanuel Wallerstein.
Black Cube

The province and the avantgarde

Lecture by Michael Zinganel (A)

Graz isn’t known for political rebellion, even the Bourgeois revolution was deputed by an aristocrat. And in the 1960s, there were no clashes in the streets; instead Forum Stadtpark, the three-countries-biennale trigon and steirischer herbst were established – all three with complacent participation of the bourgeois political establishment. So Graz became internationally acknowledged as an intersection of advanced cultural production – in which even a local shoe manufacturer made media history.

Open marathon

The Open marathon is based on self-organisation and is entirely proposed by the participants of “Truth is concrete”. [email protected] or at the guest office in the camp.


Projects on show throughout the whole camp week.


7 workshops accompany the marathon - focusing on practical knowledge and useful artistic stretegies in politics.