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A selection of video documentations from Truth is concrete
24/7 marathon camp on artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art

Political spectatorship within and outside the theatre
Tactic talk by Imanuel Schipper
Legislative Theatre
Tactic talk by Michael Wrentschur

No time for art?
Tactic talk by Laila Soliman
From chocolates to chandeliers
Tactic talk by Dirk Fleischmann

The state artist 2012
Tactic talk by Omer Krieger
Sound of sirens
Tactic talk by Edgar Honetschläger

Imagens do Povo
Tactic talk by Joana Mazza / Observatório de Favelas
Contradictions reconstituted
Tactic talk by Jens Dietrich / International Institute of Political Murder

Welcome to the desert of the Real. Mobile phones, citizen journalists & self empowerment
With Jens Dietrich, Joanna Mazza, Maryam Mohammadi, Salma Shamel / Mosireen, Urok Shirhan Alsaedy
Moderated by Reinhard Braun
Tactic talk by Petr Šourek

Network as a medium of critique and action
Tactic talk by Burak Arikan
The Jessy Cohen project
Tactic talk by Eyal Danon
170 hours non-stop in a performative setup are not really documentable. This selection of videos concentrates on Tactic talks and lectures as well as on few panels.
It is far from being representative - due to technical limitations, formats that resist capturing and demands of contributors not to be filmed.

Live stream & video-compilations by Ulrich A. Reiterer / (A)
Collaboration Stephan Bergmann Jona Hoier & Julian Stampfer


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015