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A selection of video documentations from Truth is concrete
24/7 marathon camp on artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art
Truth is concrete
Welcome and introduction by Florian Malzacher
Are you talking to me?
Lecture by Gregory Sholette

Graz in times of revolution
Lecture by Leo Kühberger
The province and the avantgarde
Lecture by Michael Zinganel

Bogotá change
Antanas Mockus in conversation with Joanna Warsza
Lecture by Srđa Popović 

Everyday rebellion
Tactic talk by Arash T. Riahi & Arman T. Riahi
Toma Sik (1939 - 2004)
Tactic talk by Róza El-Hassan

Hacking media and houses
Tactic talk by Jeudi Noir
Movement. Women power. Bare breasts..
Tactic talk by Femen

Art and crime. Legally on the edge
Panel hosted by Joanna Warsza 
With ArtLeaks, Jakob Braeuer, Nikolai Klimeniouk, Dimitry Vilensky / Chto Delat, Hans Winkler, Wolfgang Vacarescu & WochenKlausur
Art as anti-propaganda
Tactic talk by Marina Naprushkina

Altruism as arttruism
Tactic talk by Michal Murin & Milan Adamčiak
Name readymade
Tactic talk by Janez Janša
170 hours non-stop in a performative setup are not really documentable. This selection of videos concentrates on Tactic talks and lectures as well as on few panels.
It is far from being representative - due to technical limitations, formats that resist capturing and demands of contributors not to be filmed.

Live stream & video-compilations by Ulrich A. Reiterer / (A)
Collaboration Stephan Bergmann Jona Hoier & Julian Stampfer


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015