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#03 by Aseem Trivedi

Aseem Trivedi (India)
The Indian cartoonist Aseem Trivedi uses his art as a political weapon mainly for the campaign “Cartoons Against Corruption” which he started in 2011. His popular website was shut down by the government when he supported the hunger strike of Anna Hazare with his drawings. Cases of treason and national insult were filed against him. The movement “Save your Voice”, supported by leading activists and artists, demands the restoration of his website and to change the internet censorship laws of India.


“As a political cartoonist I believe that in a democracy common man is the boss. If I write it in the context of India we as a largest democracy are still struggling between Parliament and the common man. We are demanding a strong anti corruption bill 'Lokpal' which is regularly denied by the government and the leader of 'India Against Corruption', Anna Hazare, is now being portrayed as anti democratic. We, in India, are debating on the supremacy of the parliament and unfortunately the common man is still being treated as a servant, not as a boss. My design deems the ideal face of democracy for India. An artist inside me would be extremely happy when a common man in India will be the real hero.”


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Truth is concrete

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