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The Pinky Show (U.S.A.)

The Pinky Show, created by Pinky & Bunny, is the world’s only independent super lo-tech radical metaeducational project by cats. Pinky & Bunny live in the desert near Death Valley, California.


"The image that most often comes to mind when someone says "casualty of war" is usually that of a soldier shot by another soldier from an opposing army. In reality, over the past half-century or so, victims of wars and other violent conflicts have become increasingly civilian (and often disproportionately women and children). Bunny made this crocheted toy as part of a long-term project we began in 2011 called Figure 1. "War Deaths, Traumas, and Other Miscellaneous Injuries"."


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015