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#12 by Khaled Jarrar

Khaled Jarrar (Palestine)
Khaled Jarrar, born in Jenin, completed his studies in Interior design at the Palestine Polytechnic University in 1996, and then entered the field of photography in 2004. In 2011 he graduated as visual artist from the International Academy of Art - Palestine. His first exhibition took place in public space at the checkpoints of Howarra and Qalandya.
Jarrar works with photography, video and performance. In his latest work “Live and work in Palestine”, he uses a seemingly official Palestinian stamp for official passports.
The passport depicted in his “Truth is concrete” project got invalidated by the Israeli border police when its owner crossed the border.
Jarrar started making films and videos in 2008, among them “Journey 110”. He took part in international art events such as Art Basel 41, Instant video, London Film Festival, the International Contemporary Art Fair “FIAC” in Paris, AND Berlin Biennale 7 in 2012.

The "State of Palestine" stamp project is an artistic project developed from a previous project under the title "Live and Work in Paelstine". While trying to find an equivalent art that dismantles the absence of the Palestinian State and its subject to continuous occupation, preventing the creation of a free and independent Palestinian homeland, I designed a seal with the "State of Pelastine" sympol, to be used to stamp real passports. The project takes the humanitarian impression that addresses the mind and soul, in trying to deliver a message to every person that agrees to take the risk in putting the stamp of “State of Palestine” on his/her passport. My symbolic project uses art in an open confrontation with reality, and puts the audience in a participatory experience, while passports are sealed with the stamp of the extraordinary State!"


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Truth is concrete

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