truth is concrete

#10 by Jisun Kim

Jisun Kim (South Korea)
Understanding herself as an activist to the same extent as being an artist, Jisun Kim raises tricky questions by bringing huge topics down to very tangible and understandable projects. For "Well-Stealing" - one of her recent projects - Kim places her own works of art in shops and stores among common products. So Jisun Kim’s art can be „legally stolen“ by shoppers who dare to take the priceless pieces with them.

„Even the solid and firm system is full of cracks. If such systems as national border, capitalism and media that look to be strong enough should be collided, a void space is rather created within this collision and a strange crack that is not illegal, though not unlawful, is generated. My activity is to bring this crack to light by analyzing these systems and make myself positioned therein.“


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015