truth is concrete

#09 by Léo Lima

Léo Lima (Brazil)
Léo Lima is a photographer and member of the collective “Multimídia Favela em Foco”, who was born and grew up in Jacare, one of Rio de Janeiro’s 600 favelas. He still captures daily life in favelas with his eye and his camera. Léo Lima outspokenly wants his photographs to be viewed politically: They are records of people’s lives that exist but are rarely ever shown.


“ A Verdade é concreta (e pode ser demolida)/Truth is concrete (and can be demolished).
Forced evictions
This documentary work was conceived around the debate of the right to housing. Since Rio de Janeiro was selected to host huge international events like the 2016 Olympic games, several spaces in the city have suffered interventions as a consequence of new public policies. Among these interventions, the process of forcefully removing people from their homes in favelas is subject to fierce criticism."


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015