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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Truth is concrete”?
“Truth is concrete” was a 170-hour non-stop marathon of lectures, discussions, performances, films and concerts on artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art – with over 200 artists, activists & theorists contributing. The marathon was a knowledge machine, it ran without interruption and was tightly scheduled. The surrounding camp architecture, designed by raumlaborberlin, was a living and working environment with its own speed and enough space for discussions, thoughts, etc. The marathon camp took place in September 2012.
But "Truth is concrete" continues in a different medium: As a handbook for artistic strategies in real politics - with 100 entries and several essays written by artists, activists and theorists from all over the world. //

What is the Open Marathon?
While the main marathon is fully programmed, the parallel Open Marathon is based on self-organisation. Its content is proposed entirely by the participants. All contributors and grant holders are welcome to fill the slots – spontaneously or in advance.

Where is it happening?
The camp takes place in Graz, an Austrian city close to the Slovenian border: “Truth is concrete” occupies two buildings in the centre of Graz right next to each other. Almost all of the programme will happen here: //

How do I get there?
Graz has an airport and of course a train station. But you can also share or offer a ride at our forum: //

Is it a camp with tents and all?
Well, no. It is more a camp-like situation. The 100 grant receivers stay on the camp premises, in a youth hostel-like environment. But there is food and drinks at the bar as well as places to discuss, talk, have a nap, and so on.

Can I sleep there?
If you did not receive a grant or are not a contributor, we cannot offer you a bed. There are areas to relax or have a short sleep. But for proper accommodation (from couch surfing to hostels or hotels) please check our forum: //

Can I come just for one lecture or a couple of hours?
Of course, “Truth is concrete” is open to everybody. And the different lectures, blocks and performances are independent events. There is no time limit.

Do I need tickets?
No. All admissions are free. But space might be limited at times, so it will be: first come, first served. Especially during the opening days we are expecting a lot of visitors.

I cannot come to Graz. Can I follow the events anyway?
That’s a shame. But there will be a live stream and parts of the marathon will be archived on video. Also, there are several blogs, Twitter, a Facebook page, a forum and the internet radio – all on our material page: //
And please sign up for our newsletter: //

Is there access for disabled people?
The main venue, the Black Cube, is accessible by wheelchair. Due to the nature of the building, the other venues are unfortunately not accessible on wheels.

Who organizes “Truth is concrete”?
“Truth is concrete” is a project by steirischer herbst and part of this year’s festival: //

Who finances it, is it sustainable, are you reflecting on your own practice?
We try to do our best and we try to be transparent. Please have a look: //

Wird denn alles auf Englisch sein?
Leider ja: Es ist es organisatorisch & finanziell unmöglich, das alles zu übersetzen. In diesem Fall ist Englisch die Lingua Franca in der sich alle am ehesten verständigen können.


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Truth is concrete

A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics
Second edition January 2015