How to reduce garbage?

200 artists, 100 students and a big crew at the minimum will hang out at the camp for many hours, actually days. How can we handle waiting the tables without producing a huge amount of waste with disposal cups? The solution we came up with is ONE cup per person. This cup stays with them through the whole 24/7 marathon camp week and hopefully even longer.

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012 by Susanne Spoerker.

Riess lives for enamel.

Not easy to find a product which helds up with many different requirements: Not a cheap give away, not breakable and nice looking… And of course economically, socially and ethically arguable. Our search led us to RIESS

Situated in Lower Austria, Riess is operating in its sixth generation. They produce  enamel ware, other industrial components and glassware along with electrical household appliances.…

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