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Monday, 24 September 2012

Black Cube

Protest covered

Concert by Mary Ocher (D/RUS)

Her debut album “War Songs” deals with persecution, nationalism and sexual abuse. It also is a very personal record of a time. Anyone who has ever felt they didn’t belong could easily identify with Ocher’s songs. Recently, she finished the follow-up record produced by the Canadian King Khan.
Black Cube

Politics: Truth or representation?

An Errorist night by Etcétera (AR) with guests

A very special Errorist night of stand-up, improvised performances, music, screenings, readings and special guests. In order to break the hierarchies and stereotypes appealing to the most diverse ways to present-represent the political representational crisis and the crisis as representation.

As a kind of match of interpretation and representation, errorist cells invite all participants (artists, activists, curators, directors, technicians, cleaners, workers, practitioners, students, tourists, etc.) to join the Errorist night and to present their selves by dancing, speaking, acting, showing with various improvised guests who collaborate to produce delicious laughter in a kind of cabaret format.
Black Cube

Protest covered

Concert by Stéphane Bérard (F)

Stéphane Bérard entertains an opaque and double-binded relation to the real and the political: he questions the evaluation criteria of art and politics, but always with a high dose of fiction, humour and derision. Tonight, Bérard takes his inspiration from partisans’ songs, new music and lazy electronic experiment and tries to drag the audience out of its indifference.
Black Cube

Impeach my bush!

Protest song DJ set by Christoph Braun (D)

Has there ever been a golden time of the protest song? Are there still protest songs today that overpass the traditional schemes of politics? Is there, for example, a digital protest song? Or rather, did the momentum of protest switch into the category of sound? Do Boards of Canada write protest songs just like Billie Holiday used to? Or Terre Thaemlitz? Or Underground Resistance? Christoph Braun deejays himself through the history of protest songs, selecting the canon and the non-canon.
Meeting Point: Laila’s Bar

Daybreak into the city III: The political in public spaces

Excursions by Theater im Bahnhof (A)
With Joachim Hainzl (A)

Just before the crack of dawn, Theater im Bahnhof invites us to excursions in the urban space. These daily get-togethers for breakfast and a walk in the city of Graz make room for encounters off the beaten track of the busy times during daytime. Every destination has its own main focus and no two excursions are alike.

This morning: As the city awakens, Joachim Hainzl will walk through the streets he knows well and share his view on the political in public space. Breakfast is included.
White Box

Renunciation & revolution

Yoga for the masses by Sri Louise (USA)

To start the day, Sri Louise invites us to Yoga for the masses: these open level sessions are geared to awaken one‘s political body by exploring what the renunciation of capitalism means for the global “revolution“.
Black Cube

Who can still change course?

Documentary film programme for children and young people

“Solo andata, il viaggio di un Tuareg – One Way, a Tuareg Journey“ (Fabio Caramaschi)
Talk afterwards with Fabio Caramaschi (I)
“El Somriure Amagat – The Hidden Smile“ (V. Durall)

Unlike any other film genre, documentary has always been between two sides. On one hand, documentary film is about taking an unobtrusive look at reality, not intervening with it. On the other hand, it was expected to not only describe but to save the world. If one leaves aside the attributions “true or false representation of the world”, another perspective comes into focus: documentary praxis itself is an act of reality. The film programme presents documentaries dealing with social and political action within the living environment of children and young people.
Black Cube

100 questions I

Talkshow hosted by Pia Hierzegger (A)
Guest: raumlaborberlin (D)

Two tables with two desk lights and 100 questions on index cards, a cordially implacable interviewer: “100 Questions” is a talk show reduced to the max. It is not about figuring it all out, but about sharing one’s world a little bit with the audience: raumlaborberlin, the artist/architects designing the “Truth is concrete” camp, are experts in finding places that are abandoned, left over or in transition. Places between systems, time periods or planning ideologies. These places they use as an experimentation field to discover and activate hidden potential.
Black Cube

100 questions II

Talkshow hosted by Pia Hierzegger (A)
Guest: The Haircut Before The Party (GB)

Two tables with two desk lights and 100 questions on index cards, a cordially implacable interviewer: “100 Questions” is a talk show reduced to the max. It is not about figuring it all out but about sharing one’s world a little bit with the audience: in the temporary salons of The Haircut Before The Party, the barber’s chair acts as a means of communication: while the haircut is free, customers are asked to take part in an open discussion about society and politics.
Black Cube

Action theatre / Théâtre de l’Opprimé

A block hosted by Guido Kleene (NL)
With Mouhamadou Diol / Kaddu Yaraax (SN), Don Tshibanda (CGO), Salam Yousry (ET)

Can a theatre play pacify a bloody conflict that killed hundreds? Can a theatre performance reaching 150,000 people prevent the accusation of witchcraft aimed at children? Action theatre is a practise that aims to provide social change. How does this theatre look? What kind of strategies are used? Why doesn’t the art world embrace this theatre of the oppressed – and why is this theatre often seen as artistically poor?

Action theatre performs for huge audiences in big parts of the world – often in the most difficult circumstances. Several artists from all over the world who practice, analyse or critisise this kind of art, take part in the panel discussion.

One of them is Don Tshibanda, who coordinates nine theatre groups that work on preventing violence against women, educating soldiers in Eastern Congo and pacifying a bloody conflict that has killed hundreds in a region without electricity and roads.
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open marathon

One way, a Tuareg journey

film screening by Fabio Caramaschi

Screening of a 52' documentary by Fabio Caramaschi.
With English subtitles.
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open marathon

Legwork Goes Truth is Concrete

A specifically designed APP by Timothy Murray, Egle Obcarskaite / LEGWORK (S)

How can a group, a collaborative, a collective become an APP? How can an APP not only provide, but cluster? How can it help reacting to the format of openness as such? Legwork will present a form and initiate a discussion: If a structure claims to be open, it can only be open as such if it is open to being reshaped, affected, redesigned, and intervened upon, as opposed to openness to "a mere spectatorship", to being mildly participatory and much more of an observer. This will be our concern - what is the concrete openness of truth is concrete?

Legwork is a collective which programs interventions inquiring into structural transformations within the field of social, artistic and political practice. It was co-founded by Egle Obcarskaite, Tobey Albright and Timothy Murray in 2009; its web presence is at

Egle Obcarskaite is an author, producer and public servant, living in Stockholm. Her creative practice centers around Legwork collective a co-founder of which she is, as well as her collaborations with artists. In her practice as a public servant she works on communication and administration of macro-regional projects in the field of Civil Protection in the Baltic Sea Region.

Timothy Murray lives and works in Berlin.
Black Cube

Political spectatorship within and outside the theatre

Tactic talk by Imanuel Schipper (CH)

The political is back on stage. New documentaristic works, very individualistic interpretations of classical well made plays and re-enactments of political murders are just some of the forms that have developed in the last years. But the performances are not the main stage for the “new politicism“. The main part of the play belongs to the spectator and their new roles and contracts during the performance and after it.
Black Cube

Legislative Theatre

Tactic talk by Michael Wrentschur / InterACT (A) 

Legislative theatre is a participatory, socio-political strategy: it creates theatrical dialogues between people affected by a certain social problem, the general public and political decision makers. Public spectators become active parts of the performances trying out different interventions to transform social and political realities. The results are brought into spheres of political and administrative power.
Black Cube

No time for art?

Tactic talk by Laila Soliman (ET)

“No time for art?” is a series of documentary performances that addresses police and military violence at the time being in Egypt with the means of theatre. The series started in April 2011 and since then has constantly faced doubts, questions and the challenge of updatability in and outside of Egypt. “No time for art?” – a statement, a question, a form or prostitution or a mere provocation?
Black Cube

Random acts: The Haircut Before The Party

Short film by Leah Borromeo (GB)

Commissioned by the British Channel 4 “Random acts” are shot in collaboration with their subjects as they play in that space and truth between journalism and art. No. 91 shows The Haircut Before The Party; artist hairdressers that traipse around demos with a hairdresser‘s chair in a bike trailer. Always running with scissors, they‘re fighting government cuts with cuts.
Black Cube

General Assembly

Facilitated by Kaddu Yaraax (SN) and Kerstin Meyer (D)

Every day the camp comes together to reflect, discuss whatever is leftover, whatever is boiling, whatever has to be said. The General Assembly is facilitated every day by a different moderator – offering each time different ways of thinking and discussing, of exchanging and criticising.

Kaddu Yaraax create a Portrait Croisé of “Truth is concrete” and the Festival International du Théâtre de l‘Opprimé that took place in Hann-Dakar in Senegal just a week before. They will interpret what they gather from participants and improvise their understandings, across the border rivers of language.
Black Cube

Freethought I: Economy of crisis

Hosted by Mao Mollona (GB)
With Julieta González (VE), Stefano Harney (GB) & Marina Vishmidt (GB)

“Freethought” is an open platform of education and production devoted to the movement of ideas and practices in and out of dedicated institutions, unframing them from the disciplines, protocols and methodologies that conventionally contain them. The work of “Freethought” comes about through generative critical work that is not a form of protest, but rather a radical restructuring of existent disciplinary, economic and academic boundaries. The “Freethought” initiative comes at a moment of new coalitions between civic institutions, innovative research modes based in practice and engagement and new political actors emerging from within grass roots movements.

The three panels discuss the emergent subjectivities and radical possibilities at the intersection of art, pedagogy and political economy in the current wave of crisis of capitalism.

What are the alternative possibilities of human organisation emerging from the current crisis scenario: Can one consider modern bureaucracies as the first examples of massified immaterial labour? What if one was to understand this labour in the bureaucracies as having elements of producing abstractions, affects and effects? Could one begin to understand creative labourers as part of a dispersed bureaucracy – rather than as individual creatives hunted by managerialism?
What would an economy look like, that was to be centred on the body and its sensorium? Could such a sensuous and performative approach to the economy help to rethink static sociological concepts such as colonialism, capitalism, class and work?
White Box
open marathon

Resistance for idiots

Filmscreening & discussion by Satya Sivaraman (IND)

The video is ostensibly on how bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. However the real message coming through is that bacteria offer a fantastic model of resistance to ordinary human beings when confronted with very large structures of state and corporate power.
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open marathon

Knowledge is Power

Three massive open online courses hosted by Freie Universität Graz

Two hours of free education. The Freie Universität Graz (Free University Graz) invites to a free, self-organized evening on knowledge and education: Watching some famous MOOC's (online courses), talking about the idea behind Freie Universität, getting in touch with other people from all over the world and learn together in study groups. With this session two new study groups (Social Network Analyses and Computing for Data Analyses) will start, so there is plenty to learn.
Please bring your laptop with you if you have one.
Black Cube

From chocolates to chandeliers

Tactic talk by Dirk Fleischmann (ROK/D)

Dirk Fleischmann‘s schizophrenic conglomerate of eggs, kiosks, trailers, electricity, carbon credits, chandeliers, game shows and a fashion label, tells a capitalist fairy tale of success. Others may fly high, but Fleischmann‘s project is like a low-level flight where the grounds of our capitalist system remain in sight. Profits are reinvested into the next enterprise to regain societal fields, which seem to be completely occupied by conglomerates.
White Box
open marathon

Performing Rio de Janeiro: Artistic strategies in times of banditocracy

Lecture and conversation with Eleonora Fabião

“Performing Rio de Janeiro” departs from a discussion about a specific place and time -- Rio de Janeiro during the first decade of the twentieth first century. We will depart from the works of local artists to dialogue about aesthetic, political and psychophysical strategies to recreate a city in times of political banditocracy.  A key concern is: what do you want art to move and how to make it?   Answers involve site-specificity, time-specificity, community-specificity as well as economic, historical and institutional forces.
Mobile Salon - Hairdresser
open marathon

Three Workshops on Books and Hair

by The Haircut Before The Party

 Three whorkshops on books and Hair
A collective exploration of The Haircut Before The Party's (THBTP) Library.

With contributions from radical publishers PM Press, Semiotext(e) and Verso, The Haircut Before The Party (THBTP) have assembled 75 books for their salon library at Truth is Concrete. Across the walls of our salon we find Guy Deboard and Henri' Lefebvre, Tiqqun and Claire Bishop; these texts offer us a landscape from which to respond to some of the questions posed by this marathon festival/camp.The full reading list can be found Join us as we tear these books from their comfortable shelves. With pencils and questions, help us to draw lines through these texts as we peel back their covers collectively. The full reading list can be found here.

This workshop: What is concrete now? Work, post-work, art and the social subject.This workshop will be co-facilitated by Gavin Gindon.

Venue: Mobile Salon - Hairdresser, Klosterwiesgasse 5, 8010
Black Cube

The state artist 2012

Tactic talk by Omer Krieger (IL)

What are institutionally-engaged art practices? What is this thing which is both a law and a poem? What can we learn and unlearn from the public servant, the court jester, the ombudsman, the poet laureate, the artist politician and the city artist? Omer Krieger presents a group of public art projects initiated in Jerusalem and in other cities, which focus on new roles, rather than objects.
Black Cube

Enacting populism: On the transformations of myths

With Luigi Coppola (B/I), Omer Krieger (IL), Chantal Mouffe (GB/B), Lisl Ponger (A), Wochenklausur (A) et al.
Moderated by Matteo Lucchetti (I)

Populism, as we know it, has become a dominant political topic since its slow but growing appearance in several European countries. In a typical post-political climate namely consensus politics has replaced the former ideological agonistic space of democracy and consequently filled the lack of belief in democracy and its possibilities. This has given way to the rise of a popular frustration which powerfully is articulated by demagogues and those who understand how to move the space of politics slowly from being representative to an open play with its representation in the media instead.

But populism also has a dimension inherent to any democratic regime. In this regard it is a mistake to see the visual strategies that are used every day in the media in order to create cheap and fictional feelings of belonging only as a completely negative symptom of our times. At the same time, material can easily be deconstructed and by this offers clearer visions on how democracy looks like today.

The enacting of populism makes visible how aesthetic strategies are part of the creation of hegemonic powers. At the same time, it enables artistic practices to interfere with the media scape in order to have an impact on the contemporary imagery on politics. We are in need of new, positive and emancipatory myths that can act against the bad mythologies that surround us.
White Box
open marathon

Operation-For something black and hot

Screening hosted by Okin Collective

The video version of Okin Collective performance “Operation-For Something Black and Hot”. It recalls the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and the dubious role of the (self-)censored press during this time. “Operation-For Something Black and Hot” was a production of quasi-Chi Gymnastics, based on the motion studies of public drills - a guide what to do during a disaster with the aim to increase the ability for self-defence aat a time when the government couldn’t protect its people.
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open marathon

We are the Hartmans

Laura Newman

Feature film comedy starring Richard Chamberlain about a community fighting to save their last local rock club.
Black Cube

Occupy now?

Noah Fischer (USA), Hector Huerga (ES), Sri Louise (USA), Tzortzis Rallis (GB), Urok Shirhan Alsaedy (NL/IRQ), Jonas Staal (NL)
Moderated by Florian Malzacher (A/D)

Is the Occupy movement done and history? When last winter more and more camps all over the world were removed, it was said: “We will be back.”
Today almost all visible signs of Occupy are gone – repressive politics as well as broken spirits have prevented a big comeback. While some say that Occupy has just moved into new forms and structures others already claim its failure. Where are we now? Where do we go from here?
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open marathon

The Pinky Show

Screening and talking with and by The Pinky Show

The Pinky Show from the USA is the world‘s only independent super lo-tech metaeducational project by cats. Created by Pinky & Bunny, the Pinky Show focuses on ideas that have been misrepresented or excluded from mainstream discussion.

Open marathon

The Open marathon is based on self-organisation and is entirely proposed by the participants of “Truth is concrete”. or at the guest office in the camp.


Projects on show throughout the whole camp week.


7 workshops accompany the marathon - focusing on practical knowledge and useful artistic stretegies in politics.