Terms and conditions:
Travel & accommodation grants

The travel and accommodation grant for the 24/7 marathon camp “Truth is concrete” organised by the steirischer herbst festival in Graz is intended for students and young artists, activists and theorists with a special interest in artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art.

You can apply by sending an informal letter including your personal details (address, phone, email, date of birth). Please provide a substantial C.V. and a comprehensive description of your interest in the topic of the marathon, especially focussing on your own work related to artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art.

Selection procedure
We offer 100 grants, about half of which are awarded through our educational partner institutions, the other half through this open call – steirischer herbst chooses the applicants according to qualifications but also with the aim of achieving a productive mix of people regarding background, gender, geographical origin, etc. All applicants will be informed about the decisions at the beginning of June. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

The grant includes

In return, we expect all participants to stay in Graz for the whole duration of the project and to participate actively in the programme.
Like any camp, “Truth is concrete” depends on the social responsibility of the occupants. Although we cannot provide hotel standards, we nevertheless want to make the camp a worthwhile experience together with all the occupants. Therefore, mutual understanding and shared responsibility, and perhaps some active help, will be appreciated, as well as possible involvement in or contribution to the programme of the marathon.
Smoking is prohibited by law on the camp premises.
Good knowledge of English is required.

The number of grants is limited, so if you cannot take part in “Truth is concrete” after you have been accepted, please let us know immediately so that we can invite another applicant instead. If you accepted the grant and travel has already been booked, you are obliged to participate for the full duration of the camp. If you have to cancel your participation for reasons of health or due to serious family matters, you must provide legal proof. Otherwise, you are requested to pay the costs of cancelling your travel yourself.